Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Desi Stitch for a Global Touch

Fashion is a trend that crosses boundaries and sentiments across the globe. In India, one could be from a metropolitan or cosmopolitan city or live in a smaller town but they’ll still know the current global fashion trends along with local trends. For the two to be in sync, is a dream come true for the Indian customer.

Hermes, Chanel, Dior- these are all brands that Indians are familiar and can be identified by anyone at the drop of a hat. These brands have understood with time that in order to become truly global and encapsulate the interest of people across the world, they had to adapt to the local styles in order to attract customers and bring something different everywhere. The Indian looks is so vibrant with our multi-faceted designs and texture that the local-global phenomenon was inevitable.

The Desi look has always been a much sought after idea of the big fashion houses. A few years ago, Hermes’s Spring-Summer collection constituted of dresses that resembled draped sarees, jackets that looked similar to achkan and safari suits with much resemblance to Jodhpurs. Chanel has also displayed jackets with jewels embroided and short saree inspired dresses in various different colours like white, gold, silver, fuchsia and embroidered jumpers. 

Alexander McQueen, the celebrated British designer house, have experimented with paisley and peacock motifs in their designs and John Galliano has used ikat weaves and rich brocades on harem pants, skirts and long coats. Even Natalia Vodianova, the Russian model, uses Indian jewellery in order to accessorize and stylize her lingerie collection. Manish Malhotra, the celebrated Indian fashion designer who dresses most of Bollywood, has experimented with Persian designs and patterns in very vintage appearing velvet dresses. 

And if this wasn’t enough, there happens to be a saree gown, in which a gown is weaved into a shape and style that resembles a saree. There also happen to be the traditional salwar kameez which has been reinvented to appease to Indian and global audiences and consumers. The pashmina shawl is the best example of this phenomenon, with a distinctive Indo-Persian look.

For those looking for a fusion of Indo-western looks, Global Desi’s merchandise is available on Myntra. Global Desi brand seeks to invigorate and redefine western looks in an Indian context. One can find western trousers in bright Indian colours and embroideries, celebrating the best of two distinctive cultures. One can even find Palazzos, which are all the rage right now in the Indian fashion scene, available in distinctive Indo-western prints that compliment various Indian styled kurtis and tops. Palazzos, with a distinctively Indian look, pair well with western tops and apparels.

One can mix it up with the merchandise available online to find their own unique taste. It could be an evening dress with an unconventional colour motif or even Jodhpuri trousers that fuse the best of western trousers and Indian pyjamas. You can add the Jodhpuri’s to western tops because after all, mixing and experimenting is what makes Fashion unique.

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