Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Sale Madness Continues On Myntra Through GST Sale

With summer coming to an end and the start of monsoon, it’s time to get a new wardrobe to welcome in the new season. Nature is getting a fresh makeover, why shouldn’t you get one as well?

But wait, there’s more than one reason to get a makeover. Starting July 1st, GST or Goods & Service Tax will come into effect which will alter the prices of some items. Some of your favorites will become cheaper and others will get, for lack of a better word, pricy. And no one likes to buy pricy stuff on a small budget now, do they?  

Myntra recently concluded its End Of Reason Sale (EORS) a few days back and it was a giant success. Everyone loves to buy new stuff and the EORS lets people buy their favorite clothing and apparel from their preferred brands at a much discounted rate. It has been a huge success every time it takes place. But, the recent success of the sale pivoted Myntra to continue its festive days through the GST sale which will feature products with massive discounts across categories.

With the GST sale, you can update your wardrobe to fit in better with the cloudy weather and the torrential rains. Now that summer is over, ditch those cottons and those light fabrics, the bright colours and the easy wears. It’s time to take up the pale colours, the shorts and the jackets to deal with the rains. It’s time to embrace the outdoor looks. Be it the casual traveler look or the extreme Goth look, black and pale are the flavors of the new season and let your wardrobe display these sensibilities. 

Make no mistake, this sale won’t last very long as the name aptly implies. It’s a limited edition sale and it’s the best way to prepare for the pricing turmoil about to happen. Your Benetton’s and your Zara’s are about to get expensive so if you are someone who’s looked at the same leather jacket for a couple of years, hoping to buy it someday, that day is now. So saddle up, log online through your smartphone or computer and unleash the inner shopaholic who rages for its shopping fuel. Embrace the weather and wash away your inhibitions while shopping. No style is too extreme, no clothes are too “out there” and no apparel ever goes out of sale.

GST sale is live now. For more updates on all the happenings at Myntra, log on to Myntra Blog.

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