Thursday, 15 September 2016

Buying Jewelry Online Doesn’t Get Better Than This

With the evolution of trade due to the advent of E-commerce, a global surge has redefined how people shop. Whether it be for groceries, fresh food deliveries, miscellaneous gift items or even heavy gym-equipment, E-commerce has revolutionized trade like nothing before it. 

One can shop online while sitting comfortably at home, travelling, or even during office hours (however not recommended) and be sure to have it delivered within a few days. Such is the extent of technology that almost anything can be securely bought and sold by a few taps on the keyboard but up till now the same could not be said about one of the oldest and most expensive trades – that of Jewelry. 

Now, however, even that is set to change as Myntra and Tanishq have come together to launch ‘Mia’ –a collection of jewelry items for sale on Myntra. 

The overall jewelry trade in the country is currently estimated to be about Rs. one lakh Crore but only 2% of that is done on E-commerce platforms. Shopping for jewelry online is fast catching pace and Myntra is set to be market leaders in the category. 

Made for the young, vibrant and professional women who are readily warming up to online shopping, Mia collection includes earrings, rings, bangles and bracelets starting from Rs. 3000 and going up to Rs. 50,000.

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