Monday, 26 September 2016

The Lure Of Hand-Made Jewelry

The world is only waking up to the potential of hand-crafted jewelry in terms of preservation of cultures and celebrating the diverse heritage which has made the world what it is today. Fashion gurus and icons from all over the world have been inspired by humble craftsmen and their works of exquisite details, but it never got the attention it is getting now. It was always a niche market, a kind of Oh-these-are-pretty-in-a-different-kind-of-way mentality kept people buzzing around such works of jewelry with the odd icon sporting an eclectic neck-piece or bracelet from time to time, but now the hand-crafted jewelry market is on the rise. 

Several Bollywood fashionistas have been known to sport such humble and unknown designers who have cherished their craft and kept it alive through the violent and destructive history of India, from times of wars, sieges, invasions and colonialism to the present day. In such works of jewelry not only can one find exotic allure but history itself comes alive from its sparkling intricacies –the designs that were once dominant but are now only remembered in the minds of such humble craftsmen. 

Keeping in mind the growing interest in the hand-made jewelry market, Amrapali has brought together a parade of goldsmiths and hand-craftsmen from in-and-around Jaipur to create such jewelry by hand. ‘Tribe’ by Amrapali, a collection of hand-crafted jewelry will be available for the online market via Myntra.

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