Thursday, 15 September 2016

‘Encrypting’ Street Fashion For India

Priyanka Kumar, a bold designer and free-thinking entrepreneur is all set to put India on the global street fashion radar with her new brand ‘Encrypt’. It had been her dream to give voice to the repressed self-expression of street fashion in India all throughout her career in the fashion industry and with ‘Encrypt’ she is ready to unleash onto the world the trademark style of India. 

Through Myntra’s Fashion Incubator –a program to shed light on budding designers and entrepreneurs, she hopes to touch as many lives as possible.

Inspired by street fashion from all parts of the world and with the experience of a veteran in the industry, Priyanka deliberately adds little hand-print (seemingly) imperfections to each of her piece to attain that stand-out effect synonymous with evolving fashion.  

She looks forward to prepare India for the kind of self-expression that comes with one being comfortable in their body-type and personality. For Priyanka, her brand is urban, versatile and meant to woo people out of their default comfort-zones. She also confesses that while working on design she imagines her customers as both fashion addicts and fashion aspirants, making her task that much harder, and in the way creative things go, more to the point.  

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