Thursday, 13 October 2016

All About You’ Comes Up With New Ethic Range

Women Fashion in India has been evolving ever since the Vedic times, when bare-breasted sarees were the norm, to the present day when sarees are still worn along with salwar-kameez, western-style clothes and trousers. It seems that the history of Indian fashion is bound for immortality, as everything that has made its way in to the market of Indian women has found its own, whether it be a niche like regional dresses or nation-wide fashion attires such as suit-salwars. In the modern times, films have played a major role in deciding the shelf-life of various kinds of fashion. In the 80s and 90s, when women started wearing western-style clothes such as jeans, trousers, shirts and t-shirts, it seemed for a short time that the ethnicity of Indian fashion will be lost, but that cannot be further from the truth. Tradition is a major part of an Indian’s life, no matter which corner of the country one hails from. ‘Namastey’ and ‘Pairi-Pona’ are as much a part of an Indian’s life as the national anthem of India –tradition and patriotism are at times considered to be the one and the same thing. “Respect for one’s elders shows character”, as Quentin Tarantino depicts in his popular film ‘Pulp fiction’, so it is true for each Indian. To sum up, even the most major festivals in India are centered (for the fashion conscious) around clothes, such as Ghagras and Sarees. 

Ethnic fashion in India probably makes up for a large percentage of all women fashion. Timeless attires such as Salwar-Kameez have never left the wardrobes of Indian women since the age of Islamic conquerors, when salwar-kameez first made it to India. Bollywood started to propagate new fashion trends since its inception and by the time of the height of its popularity as a song-dance cultural cannon it had already established or ruined several fashion trends unknowingly. However, ethnic fashion was never on its way out and only evolved with each passing year to become what it is today. 

An apparel venture by superstar Deepika Padukone –All About You’s ethnic wear has come forward with a bold new collection which romantically keeps the vast history of Indian fashion intact. Offering ethnic wear with a modern touch, it is the latest in the line of ethnic fashion so popular all over the country and even outside of it. Sold exclusively on Myntra, it is a great way to make that sober style statement that says your roots are firmly grounded but your views are modern. The collection designs are inspired by the one and only Deepika Padukone herself, who is seen flaunting her beautiful body in bikinis as often as she is seen flaunting her traditional values on the big screen.  Minimalistic, sober, subtle, with breezy colors and comfortable cuts –the collection is perfect for the modern Indian woman with a hidden wild side. 

Whether you speak mostly in English or Hindi or a mixture of the two (–hinglish), you spend your weekends drinking and partying or curled with a good book, you like to eat Italian or Chinese or Indian –you  know who you are and you know you like ethnic wear just as much as western-attires (or perhaps even more). The ‘All about you’ collection is all about you. Ethnicity is a part of our culture and for most parts everyday life but you know love your Indian roots when you opt for it yourself. So don’t curb on your expressions, let them soar freely –whether you want to dress in western or ethnic attires, just know that you are the most important accessory of your outfit and that is what distinguishes an Indian woman.

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