Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Just Logos Are Passé, Bring In The Musical Logos (Mogos)

We all were witness to the massive bumper sale that Myntra had on over the Republic Day week. Did you manage to rope in some sweet deals for yourself? Well, the choices were endless and the discounts were hard to believe at first! Some people have still not recovered from this viral fever and are still rejoicing and going shopping online through their extended discounts, flash sales and deals.  

That’s not all that Myntra has been in news for. The e-commercial marketplace has been all over the entertainment news throughout the IIFA season of 2017. This year’s IIFA took place in New York, and all the who’s who of Bollywood flew down to the city to attend these prestigious awards. We were all able to find out what was happening behind the scenes through the Bollywood starts themselves with the strong social media presence and activity of most of them. 

Apart from recognizing the best performances in acting, the best movies, the best directors and the best music of the year, IIFA is a style and fashion hot-bed every year. All the celebrities dress up in their best selves to show case it to the world. Enters Myntra!

Myntra was the official style partner of IIFA, 2017 and their presence was felt all through Bollywood award night. A Myntra Style icon award was also categorized, which the trendy and supercool Alai Bhat won after the most number of fans voted for her.

Out of all the Myntra Highlights that took place during IIFA, 2017, something unique was launched in front of the world by Myntra. It was the MOGO. Confused? A MOGO is a new concept in India, with Myntra being the first one to do something like this. It’s a Musical Logo, that Myntra has so creatively named its MOGO. 

The idea behind a MOGO is to break the visual clutter in the space of e-commerce by adding a new music dimension to the brand to give it a sonic identity. And Myntra has excelled in this area as well! The Myntra MOGO, which was launched during the IIFAs, 2017 was classy and depicted the brand exactly for what it is, warm, positive and with an infectious energy (remember your Republic Day Sale fever?). A logo is supposed to represent the values of a brand perfectly, so that it comes across as a clear picture of what a brand stands for and does. And every brand is identified with its logo, as the brands try to make their logos as creative and relevant t as possible. 

When it comes to music, it has the power to bring out many emotions from within people. It goes straight to our deepest corners and stirs up things that usually remain untouched for most of the time of our lives. And Myntra recognized this power of music and therefore has given its much loved and popular brand a musical identity which resonates with its style and quality. The quality part was taken care of as it was performed lived by Sanket Naik, who is a master percussionist with A. R. Rahman himself.

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