Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Myntra and Zoom Join Forces through a Mega Deal

Indian films, and by that extension, actors who embody characters in these films, are revered, followed and regarded as ideal role models by large sections of our society. What is equally baffling and commendable at the same time is that this is not some trend which was brought about by the internet; this trend is as old as the industry itself. Of course, the internet is an undeniable catalyst in making the lives and looks of film celebrities accessible to the public.

One of the most notable points of access is Myntra, the country’s foremost fashion e-commerce portal. On the Myntra website, you can browse and buy the trendiest clothes. In fact, Myntra houses several collections by notable personalities of the Indian Film Industry. Over a considerably short period of time, Myntra has taken over the Indian markets, and they have notched up numerous partnerships with other reputable brands, networks and organizations. 

The latest company to partner up with Myntra is Zoom. Zoom, a popular Indian TV network, is owned by the Times Group, and are best known for producing engaging, well written, and relevant shows on the lives and times of Bollywood A-listers. This partnership witnesses Zoom undergo considerable change and rebranding. A new avatar of Zoom will soon be unveiled to its millions of watchers, dubbed, “Zoom styled by Myntra”. Further, there has been talk of rebranding the content produced by Zoom as well. In a bid to stay with the times, Zoom, with Myntra, are looking to produce new programmes, web series’, and other short format rich media shows to engage modern audiences, who are other characterized by their short attention spans.

According to Mr. MK Anand, MD and CEO of Times network, “'Zoom styled by Myntra' reflects the kind of real, conversational and multi-lingual entertainment that viewers in India are looking for. With an objective to beat viewer fatigue, we are innovating with content and triggering new conversations to find relevance with the changing consuming pattern of the youth”. The motive behind this partnership, from Zoom’s perspective, was to break free from platform restrictions while still maintaining their identity and position in the Indian market. 

Equally enthused by the partnership, Mr. Ananth Narayan, CEO of Myntra, had this to say, “There are a few fundamental beliefs that make the Zoom partnership very exciting. One, our research shows, by 2020, 75% of the content consumed will be video content and Made for India original content will grow substantially. Secondly, Fashion as a category lends itself well to the video format, much more than any other category.” He further elaborated that this association with Zoom TV will not only broaden their reach, but also provide consumers with the option of buying the very same dresses they have seen their favourite films stars adorn.

The partnership will be manifested in several forms, from Myntra styling the various shows that will be broadcast on Zoom, to rebranding and changing the television channel’s logo, and several existing shows will be redesigned and rebranded to appeal to a wider audience in a more engaging manner.

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