Thursday, 19 July 2018

International Brand Niza Now Available Exclusively On Myntra

International brands had made their foray into Indian markets since the dawn of the new millennium. However, due to a large number of logistical, perceptive and economic problems, these brands did not spread throughout the country but stayed focussed on the metropolitans. However, the rise of the internet generation as entrepreneurs witnessed a massive shift in this trend. Most notably, clothing retail giants like Myntra made fashion accessible throughout the country.

For more than a decade, Myntra has been delivering the top local, national and international brands to the remotest corners of the India. However, Myntra had rather humble beginnings, starting out as a website from which personalised gift items were sold. Steadily and quickly, however, the company grew, as did their revenue and hence their workforce. Today, Myntra caters to more than 19000 pin codes.

One of the more celebrated recent global partnerships of Myntra is the one with leading Spanish designers Niza. Founded by renowned Spanish designer Maya Kalu, Niza is more than 20 years in running, and has been producing quality trendy clothes for the fashion conscious women of Spain. There is a special emphasis on the uniqueness of the brand. The embroidery patters and intelligent use of appliques have helkpled generate a considerable cult status of Niza. With the help and support of women seeking a brand of freshness and exclusivity mixed with innovation and variety, Niza has grown and spread, now having 35 exclusive stores and in excess of 500 multi-brand outlets across the world. 

Niza is being launchedin India by Malaika Arora Khan, a unanimously famous personality from the Indian Film Industry. She started out as a model, got her break as an MTV Video Jockey, where she established herself. She later went on to star in major and cameo roles in feature films, and has participated in her fair share of reality TV shows. The fashionable Malaika walked the ramp for Niza in a star studded, high octane launch for the online launch of the brand in India. 

The brand has global renown and reputation, and it’s a good fit with the highly ambitious Myntra, for whom this serves as a further addition to a glittering portfolio of international brands. This fortunate merger was made possible thanks to the work of Zashed, who made the two parties aware of the prospective partnership. Niza joins the likes of Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Phillippe, Marks & Spencer, French Connection, Antony Morato, Calvin Klein, DIESEL, ESPRIT Collection, Adidas, Michael Kors, Santa Monica, The North Face and Superdry in Myntra’s list of international brands. 

Coming from zesty sunny Spain to spice Indian shores, Niza is being touted as a revolutionary brand that delivers on both quality and design. Designed for women for all days of the week, you can find your perfect summer dress, or evening lounging and even your late night partying attires from their wonderful collections that are unique, refreshing and fashionable. You can even add your own touch to make it truly global.

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