Sunday, 26 November 2017

Myntra Is Leading The Way With Myntra Rapid

We are venturing into the future with Myntra today. Here’s welcoming you to the future of fashion with Myntra Fast Fashion- the manufacturing process that took 180 days to deliver a product has been reduced to less than 45 days.

Myntra’s Rapid Project was set up about three years ago to achieve a simple yet revolutionary goal – to deliver fashion fast. And three years later, with the use of AI and high-end graphical processing units (GPUs) teamed with Myntra’s exceptional in-house engineering, this was made possible for brands such as Moda Rapido and Here and Now.

The rapid team has already sold pieces that are machine-generated to check the performance of these products compared to others that are manufactured status quo. And it’s not hard to guess that some of their designs have outdone others considerably. 

One of the Myntra Rapid team member talked to and said that the key to nail fast fashion is not just the technological model but the amount of good data one has. The data has to be condensed by the machines to come up with styles that customers like or would like the most. The Rapid AI scans data from all over the internet, but there best source of information is their millions of customers that visit the Myntra website anduse the Myntra app. This is what sets Myntra’s Rapids apart from other efforts in the same direction all over the world. 

Now the only thing I was concerned with was what of the designers that usually do the job of the designers? Surely there will be a creative ‘human’ input required by this AI machines, but would’ve the number of people involved in the mak9ing of these fashion clothes be considerably brought down? One again realizes that no matter what we do to stray closer to our roots, technology is moving ahead very rapidly. Futuristic invention ns which are bringing us farter and farter away from all things natural and organic have taken out almost all aspects of our lives and now is the turn that it took our everyday fashion and clothes by storm as well. So while some of us might be reserved in giving in to something like this and would rather prefer something hand woven or at least entirely ‘human-made’, we have to accept that this is soon going to become the norm and Myntra is just pioneering thus next movement in the fashion industry- soon AI will be introduced all over the place to make fashion more accessible, fast and affordable. 

Myntra Rapid aims to delegate maximum inputs in fashion manufacture with a thin human intelligence into play, to make each product unique. This gives fashion designers a boost to be efficient and deliver rapid fashion. It is safe to assume that everybody is looking forward to seeing the future of this cool innovation by Myntra Rapid. After all, who would want to get their hands on those AI generated pieces and satisfy the nerd inside us all?

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